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Motorcycle tours in Sardinia: BMW, Harley Davidson and Yamaha Motorbike Rental!

Winding serpentines through the most beautiful sceneries of Sardinia.
Sea or mountains: you choose which landscape attracts you more for your motorbike tour!

With our BMW Sardinia Motorbike service you can rent your motorbike. Choose between different BMW, Yamaha and Harley Davidson models, and collect it as soon as you arrive at Olbia Airport, the gateway of Gallura and Costa Smeralda. We offer you high-powered motorbikes.

Looking for roads to travel? Just have a look here: we show you some interesting routes!

Route #1
Costa Smeralda - Santa Teresa di Gallura - Isola Rossa
From the charming forests of Monte Pino to the famous Costa Smeralda, the renowned destination of the international jet-set. Carry on along the coast, driving through Cannigione and Palau, where a wonderful view is waiting for you: the Archipelago of La Maddalena and the majestic Bear Rock. The following stop is in Santa Teresa di Gallura, but you can even reach the beautiful reddish sands of Isola Rossa, between the banks of the Liscia River and the typical granites of that area.

The tour is not over! Discover also the wonderful shapes of the mountains in Aggius, as well as Tempio, a little town known for its granite architecture, and… last but not least, Calangianus, the city of cork.

Route #2
Alà dei Sardi - Buddusò
The first stop is Monte Olia, where you can appreciate the typical Mediterranean vegetation and watch the wildlife that characterizes the area. A series of curves will then take you to the village of Alà dei Sardi, which is known for its great wind farm and the archaeological sites of special interest.

Moreover, we recommend a beautiful path through a forest of oaks and cork trees, which are the same roads of the World Rally Championship, through which you can reach the plateau of Buddusò, a country known for the granite manufacturing. Last special stop, just before coming back: the forest of Monte Nieddu, in the municipality of Padru.

Route #3
It is a very special path, which leads to the rugged and wild side of Sardinia. Among nature, archaeological sites and ancient traditions you can reach Dorgali, a few km from the north-eastern coast of the island, and a popular tourist destination, thanks to the Cala Gonone.
Do not leave the area before seeing the beautiful caves Ispingoli and the Bue Marino! Both of them are very famous and, of course, beautiful.

Take a look at our offers for a motorbike rental at Olbia Costa Smeralda Airport!

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